Mario Martone, Il giovane favoloso [2014]

Mario Martone, Il giovane favoloso [2014]

Claude Lanzmann, Le dernier des injustes [2013]

“Anyone who’s worth anything reads just what he likes, as the mood takes him, and with extravagant enthusiasm.”
— Virginia Woolf (via tegamini)

(via tegamini)

Philippe Le Guay, Alceste à bicyclette [2013]


Someone went to the Freer Sackler Library yesterday and look what they pulled out of the Rare Book vault!
Hokusai - Manga (傳神開手北齋漫畵) [1828-1878]

Ivano De Matteo, I nostri ragazzi [2014]

Nicolas de Staël, Lettres 1926 - 1955.

Arrigo Lora-Totino, Senza titolo (serigrafia 22x33 cm)